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Pack mesh partitioning data into an atlas from the partition created by UVAtlasPartition

    _Inout_ std::vector<UVAtlasVertex>& vMeshVertexBuffer,
    _Inout_ std::vector<uint8_t>& vMeshIndexBuffer,
    _In_ DXGI_FORMAT indexFormat,
    _In_ size_t width, _In_ size_t height,
    _In_ float gutter,
    _In_ const std::vector<uint32_t>& vPartitionResultAdjacency,
    _In_opt_ std::function<HRESULT(float percentComplete)> statusCallBack,
    _In_ float callbackFrequency);


vMeshVertexBuffer, vMeshIndexBuffer, pPartitionResultAdjacency: Mesh data returned from UVAtlasPartition

width, height: The width and height of the texture the atlas will be used on.

gutter: The minimum distance, in texels between two charts on the atlas. This gets scaled by the width, so if gutter is 2.5, and it is used on a 512x512 texture, then the minimum distance will be 2.5 / 512 in u-v space.


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